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About Me


                                                    Levelle Walker, MSCJ

A Brief Biography

I’m an African American male who has been through the challenges of our Criminal Justice System once as a young man.  During that stage of my life, I didn’t have sufficient funds to obtain a lawyer or paralegal. My strength of character impelled me to research California Laws and allowed me to educate myself on how to read, write and prepare my own court documents.  This learning process permitted me to have a clear understanding of how to file the correct documents and motions that were needed to exonerate myself from our Criminal Justice System. My process started in July of 2012, and the filing of court documents, motions and proceedings were completed, finalized, and signed by the Judge in October of 2012.  As a result, I was cleared of all charges. 


Just to be clear, I’m not a lawyer or a paralegal. As a former Police Officer from the City of Meridian, Mississippi, I’ve completed the Academy Training at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; served 4 years as a Board Member and Patrol Advisor in the Century-Westwood Community in California; and I’m currently a Teacher at Riverside Alternative High School for the office of Juvenile Justice in Angola, Louisiana State Penitentiary. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance in life, and a prosperous life is possible with a little faith and determination.  


Currently seeking a Doctorate in Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice (2021) 

Southern University and A&M College (SUBR), Baton Rouge, LA 


Bachelor of Science in Criminology (2020) 

University of La Verne, La Verne, CA 


POST Level 1 Certified Law Enforcement (2011) 

L. A. County Sheriff’s Academy – Los Angeles, CA 


Associate in Criminal Justice (2005) 

Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA 

Words of encouragement

Don't allow people to dictate your life, and never allow anyone to steal your dreams or compromise your joy.  Always think of Joseph in the Bible who was despised by his four brothers who sold him into slavery, but God kept His hands of favor and blessings upon Joseph allowing him to become Governor of Egypt. Genesis 41: 37-39.  

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